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Specialising in precious metals, energy, and agriculture (for the production of food and medicines) and other rare opportunities; Exotic Gold Fields, a division of Heritage Pay Limited is a UK-based boutique of investment brokers. We  bridge the gap between opportunities in emerging markets and international investors.


We start with a challenge and work backwards to find an investment-based solution. The world population is currently 7.5bn. It is projected to  grow by a further 2bn people by the year 2050 (0.9bn by 2030 and 1.1bn by 2050). What will those people eat? Where will they get their food from? How will their medicines be produced? Where will their energy come from?

The global demand for Lithium is 321,000 tonnes. By 2033  this is forecast to rise to 2.28million tonnes - a seven-fold increase. Emerging market countries' lithium reserves - which will be critical for meeting demand in this USD400bn market - are largely unexplored. What investment is required to bring these mines into production and link them to the world supply chains?


As an emerging-market-focused consultancy, we are here to drive the investment that solves all of these challenges and many more.

Everyone knows there is money in mining in Zimbabwe. But to be able to identify the opportunities that offer the right balance between risk, reward and solid management of the mining project, is what takes real expertise. And that is why I find your approach so compelling. Thank you.


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